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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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wanted to emphasize that investments made in bicycle safety will have residual benefits for the other things and increased ridership, muni and decreasing the load during these times and increased bicycle safety and [inaudible] for the city and reduce some of the latent demand the previous speaker was mentioning. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am beth burn. i want to thank everybody for taking the time to look into this very important issue. i also wanted to speak on the topic of safety. as a bike commuter from bernal heights everyday and i hear from the cyclists and on monday i saw someone hit on cesar chavez and
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valencia street. this week it was a hit and run. last week there was a hit and run. it's increasing and the visibility of lack of safety is what is increasing and i work for a sunday streets and i hear all the time from participants they love coming to the event and it creates a safe environment and can ride their bike route fear of bit hit by a car and having safe streets like that everyday is very important like you heard from previous speakers the number of cyclists have increased and that is with a lack of infrastructure. if we can provide the safe infrastructure for people interested in being a cyclist i think the number will grow and definitely make an impact on the number of people that drive cars and muni and the efficiency of muni and i just thank you for prioritizing this. i think it's really, really important to recognize that the statistics that we're hearing about are
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not just statistics but they're people and they're people just trying to get to work everyday and they want to get there in a safe way. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am paul skillbeck and a 15 year resident of san francisco and live near van ness in the main thoroughfare for cycleelists of san francisco. i ride by bike everyday. no way i suggest that a child ride a bike in on polk street and what is being done and as others have outlined san francisco streets are not safe for cyclists and you have a target 20% by the
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year 2020. i wouldn't bet on that. no way. things have to change. right now value proposition for cyclists? why should they ride in san francisco? the roads are dangerous and motorists are aggressive. i get back to his point and he's saying there is more to do with infrastructure. san francisco residents need to be told by the city why they should take up cycling. they need to be encouraged. there's an organization called the noarj california high school cycling league about 60 to 70 cycling teams in northern california. guess how many are in san francisco? anybody? zero. for a city that is aiming to have 10-20 road share of bicycle in the future that is not a encouraging statistic but i thank you for your work and for
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introducing this today. >> thank you and i think mr. hill from the cac suggested that infrastructure is important but education and advocacy is a critical part of it as well. next speaker and if there is anyone else that would like to speak, anyone that has been called or anyone else come forward now. we're going to close public comment in a moment. >>i am jazz [inaudible] and a a lot year resident of san francisco and i would like to echo the statements of the last speaker. i feel so much is going to be window dressing. i know i have spoken to you in the past. if you want the improvements you need to get absolutely radical on this. the whole stop sign thing is a disaster with cycling. you are encouraging cyclists to break the law every time or in a position of breaking the law. if you know about cycling the energy you
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need to use when you get going. it makes the journey stilted. it takes longer. if you want to have a smooth flow of cyclistses than reorder the junctions or at least provide corridors and what we have at portland and seattle and minneapolis we have the space in terms of wide avenues and boulevards and also we have the other advantage is that relatively small area. 7 miles by 7 miles so you could create these avenues, absolutely safe corridors, one way, one way, and i don't know how -- you're going to have to put up -- get with the merchants associations. i know that's difficult but that's how radical you're going to have to get. you have to literal get with sacramento and change laws traffic laws. these are our own city laws. i commend your
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efforts but i hope you get a lot more serious on this. thank you. >> thank you. is there anyone else that would like to speak? then public comment is closed and i would like to thank supervisor avalos who took the load on a ballot measure for next year and the recommendations and the budget analyst report is helpful for the mayor's task force and the other measure moving forward. i wanted to thank the mta for being here. several staff -- i know janet was here earlier but thanks to the staff and i wanted to thank the bicycle coalition for being here and mr. hill from the community advisory committee and others as well. really quickly i wanted to say a number of critical points were brought up. i think leah said "if we build
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it they will come" and i think the three-5% mode share has been increased over the years but much more needs to be done in reaching the ambitious goals as others have pointed out it's really important that we aggressively take an approach to improving the infrastructure but also education and advocacy as well. i wanted to say that mr. jawa from the conservation of league of voters mentioned bicycling for bicycleelists but for others and the equity issue and others brought that up and sustainable environment is critical and alternative transportation including biking is critical and this is about a healthier san francisco as others brought up as well, so full build out benefits many for many, many reasons and health and safety and for others the environment. i wanted to say that the budget analyst made
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some suggestions of having the mta, and i think it was said there are already efforts to come back to not only the mta's board but the board of supervisors with a progress reports. i think there is a recommendation from the 2011 controller's report on a number of those items and i am guessing those are already being analyzed and lookinga at reports and the budget analyst reported to us from the recommendation and six month report backs to the budget committee on progress, and my hope even from the five years ago from the bicycle plan from 2008 i think it was even goal number eight aggressively increasing funding for bicycling is something that the city has not lived up to, so my hope out of this discussion and even for
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the mta to have better tracking and some of the other suggestions that we get a better bang for our existing buck and that we are looking at strategically improving our spending so that we can truly be a bike friendly city so with they just wanted to move that we continue this hearing to the call of the chair and that we continue to work with the mta to look at the additional scenarios that were presented in this report and how we might meet different funding goals as well but that's my motion that we continue this to the call of the chair. did you want to make any remarks supervisor avalos? >> thank you supervisor mar and i just want to thank you for bringing it this hearing forward and the budget analyst for their work and the staff at the mta and the bicycle coalition and their efforts and make sure
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it's safe and we're building greater infrastructure for cycling and overall we're putting more funding available for that as well. i had a conversation with with leah sham last name in preparation of tonight and one thing she mentioned besides increasing funding amounts for investments and infrastructure is paying great deal attention to project delivery to make sure we have the track being mechanisms, the plan and the design and implementation that will make the projects move quickly and get on the ground where they can really make a difference and people experience's of biking in san francisco so i support continuing this conversation and i welcome greater efforts with the mta and ways i can help the mta with their planning and efforts and implementing a greater infrastructure for cycling in the city. >> thank you. so the motion to continue the call of the chair. can we do that without
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objection? thank you. and let me ask madam clerk do we have any other business before us today? >> that concludes the business for today. >> thank you everyone for .bein here. meeting adjourned
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>> if you have public comments to make make sure to fill out one of our comment cards on the desk. if there not there crystal is getting them and thank you to sfgovtv and 3 to 4 services for broadcasting this live to air to the public. we'll start this meeting with roll call. >> all right. councilmember curls. commissioner lee. commissioner joseph. commissioner hyde. commissioner akers. want at an. we have a quorum and i'm still unclear as to the statutes of commissioner perez as to whether he's been sworn or not without
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information kwo i don't know if he'll be here picture the first item of business is public comment not currently on the agenda but pertains to the matter and work of the entertainment commission please come to the microphone and identify yourself >> are you going to start the clock. in a second >> hello, i'm michael i'm a good activist and a gay blogger. i was back here a few weeks b ago about the noise at san francisco pride weekend. i wasn't able to mention in my 3 minutes has to do with the doory alley fair and the folsom street
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fair especially the folsom it's a huge event and takes over particle all of folsom and side streets. i'm happy to say that the leadership there has licensed to the complaints about the music and etsz sound level for the music. one thing i've done is this this year folsom there were 3 music stages okay. and what that meant was like if you came from folsom and lovingly accounting street where there's lots of you loud music and a cage you heard the musk. i walked a block you away and you didn't and two blocks away i could have a conversation. you know, we find that folsom fair there's an accomodation for
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people who love the loud music and some of us who don't like the loud sounds from the speakers. i'm going to be bringing up this with the san francisco pride folks they're having a meeting tonight and a week from tonight and at both those meetings i'm going to bring those issues we need to not allowing the radio station in civic center to be blaring out music from the main stages or from a few stages. i think this commission should by looking at in the next few months to have a discussion about making pride much more accommodating to us who want to
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go. a number of folks have said oh, michael you're old and dismissing me. i've almost died from aids and i don't think it's nice to dismiss folks because we're over 50. please let the taernlt commission be the vehicle to lower the sounds at pride >> thank you. any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. the next item is the rough and approval of anybody's from november 19, 2013. commissioners hopefully everyone has had the chance to a look it over >> i move to approve. >> a motion and a second. >> i have a second like
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seriously there isn't and are friendly amendment. there's no such thing as a friendly amendment. i don't know where they came from i wonder should we be putting that in our reports since it doesn't exist >> it's a courtesy statement but we say a friendly amendment as opposed to another amendment it doesn't mean anything. so are you - there's a motion to approve and a second >> i just don't know if that's appropriate to be putting it in there or not. >> any thoughts of. >> i can check with the city attorney to see if there's an issue with that remaining in the minutes but it's probably just
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an adjective. >> any discussion if not let's moot e vote. >> sxhkz. commissioner hyde. councilmember curls. president at an >> all right. let's move on to item 3. that's the report from the executive director. good evening as you see there's nothing on the director's report i was out of town quite a bit in the last month or so and i wasn't around for the creation of this agenda but regardless i will let you know briefly a reminder tubulars no meeting on the 17th of december. i think on the 19th; is that correct of december the
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commission staff is going to address security by the 0 hotel council and basically seeking portfolios are are best practices even if some of those hotels are not under our occur have you it's a good practice to let them know of the cities expectation. i think we're going to have parties in most of the hotels. all right. lastly i'll let you know we reached anti to the police department as we've done to find out when the new recruits are being trained the class of 2007 is being trained on nbc and entertainment regulations we'll be there with
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a book let that has everything we do for the trainees so hopefully it will be a bite of apple in terms of how we can help them do their job and then we'll do the 238 class in april and keep on showing up at the academy great any questions or comments about the director's report >> i was wondering in dave chu's office had followed up on the broadway. >> sorry we spoke with their office this morning and they're coming on january 7th fyi that legislation will take a while to make it through planning it's
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months and months. early january for you guy is plenty of time before it goes anywhere >> great any other questions or comments. any public comment on the director's report. seeing none, public comment is closed. we'll move on to the next agenda item that is the police department comments and questions. this is an opportunity for any member of the police department to come up and aid us. the officer isn't here so if you're here to speak on any agenda item. okay. we'll move on we'll take public comment if nothing is presented >> you can ask. >> is there a any public comment on the lack of police report. >> so the next item is the hearing and possible action on
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our permit. the first thing is the gathering i don't know if someone wants to speak >> the permit we don't see the gentleman but this is for an outdoor permit the reason we're bringing it to commission is because it was on - it's going to go till 1 o'clock in the morning and we have some concerns about treasure island as a whole unfortunately, the permit person is not here. >> i think there was one we postponed because of - >> we 3r0i7bd it two weeks ago. >> does that mean that the treasure island development authority. >> they have come back and
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approved the land use until 1 o'clock a.m. >> so it's our custom to have the applicant here maybe he got his time mixed up but can we move ahead with this without the applicant present. >> yes. >> so in your packet you'll find the description and the treasure island authority approving nil - till 1 o'clock. with the applicant not here i don't know if any police are interested in speaking to this application >> good evening. i'm representing the southern station. i have spoken with jack and
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director cane and at this time southern station with regards to the loudspeaker program >> good any questions for officer chan. >> good thank you very much. commissioners oh, public comment on this issue this permit? all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners if you guys have anything to say >> i move to approve. a second >> is that with the 2 or nil 1. >> until 1. treasure island objects to 2 o'clock and they're the land use authority so it has to be until 1 o'clock >> okay second. >> on the motion to approve until 1:00 p.m. ash commissioner
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joseph. commissioner hyde and wanting at an >> all right. the motion passes. next up we have some guests here today. we have some guests from jan who have a presentation about public safety at our treatment function and come to the microphone >> thank you all for having us here to talk about something we care about. i'm the president of the bay chapter of democrat face. i want to talk harm production it's a pragmatic health policy. some example would be say for sex education shown to be more important for things like
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unwanted pregnancies or preventing stds. similarly the use of save injection sites it is for the prevention of blood diseases being triumphed. how is this relevant to the admit life community. this is a nonprofit that was founded in 1998 by the members of the night life community. we focus on harm production and the night life scene. we see a big issue with hearing production and hearing loss people are being exposed to high levels of sound more than once a week so we'll go to event and have a booth fair and have things like pass out earplugs
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and what you can do it prevent this going forward >> we also see a big problem with unsafe sex in the night life community because people lack knowledge or means for that. and to that end we provide condoms and we lost see lots of issues about over heating and we try to provide free water at venues where waters is not given out. and we found things like information for heatstroke for daytime festivities people don't know they've over heating. we see a huge go issue around sex education and drug use
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important polls around 50 percent people have done recreational drugs if you include tobacco it goes upward. there's a huge problem and huge opportunity for education around drug use so we provide informational cards on tobacco and competentlycy and aid and cocaine and so on. there are cards that are non-bias we try to have a - be - not to be advocates. we don't advocate for use we don't believe in that we don't
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advocate against non-use because that's not helping. in addition, we try to provide means so that people can take the knowledge that we provide and apply that to that end we provide safer smoert devices for blood path begins and field tests for substances. that's a powerful tool across the nation. one of the problems about night life community people are being sold drugs that are not safe. in new york there was at a large festivity several people died due to 0 substances that were a combination of meth lesson and d m a. we can help provide some
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knowledge of what people are ingesting. i've seen people have things they died not to take and anytime that happens that's potentially an ambulance ride from that at the worse a death. so i see - those are some of the areas of harm reduction we can apply in the night you community. we try to minimize that harm >> great is that the end of your presentation. thank you very much. i have a question. so i've been aware of dan sins you've started i was one of the first clubs you approached. my club was townsend ba